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Ariana Dumbledore - Black, White, Purple, Blue

Rating: G
Warnings: Mentions of rape
Claim: Ariana Dumbledore
Prompt: Colours: Black, White, Purple, Blue
Join Ariana Dumbledore as she tours the rainbow, talking about Albus' crush on Gellert and their search for the Hallows, and her own devastating attack. Because 'books are stupid' and 'Al gets a red smudge around Gellert a lot.' Please R&R.
Notes: I'm finished, a full set of my claims can be found here.


Al wears purple a lot. Abe hates it; he thinks it makes Al look like a horo-homo-something or other. It’s a silly grown-up word that Abe won’t explain to me. They fight a lot, and they talk about Gellert and love and other things. I think Abe thinks that Al loves Gellert. That’s really dumb though, because boys don’t love boys. I don’t know why Abe says it. I like purple, and so does Gellert, ‘cause Abe starts fights over purple, and then glances at Gellert, and he never says anything nasty.

Gellert’s nice. He gives me flowers sometimes, and he calls me his ‘leibling,’ which Al says is German for ‘darling.’ Al gets that funny red smudge I was telling you about when Gellert calls me a liebling. Once the flowers were purple, and they were pretty. I put them in a vase but Abe took them away the next day. Grown-ups do lots of stupid things, like fight over dumb words I can’t say. Sometimes when I try to say stuff, it gets jumbled in my head and comes out all funny and wrong.

Daddy used to give Mama flowers because he loved her, but Gellert doesn’t love me. People have to be the same age to love each other. Al always talks about love and what it means. It’s not very exciting, because Abe uses the big horo word and says it’s disgusting and wrong. Abe always wears the purple robes when they have those fights. It’s silly and dumb and stupid.

Al and Gellert have lots of plans. They want to rule the world I think. That’s good, because then I can get free chocolate and lots of toys and stuff. Gellert will make a good king, and he can wear a cloak like they always talk about finding. Al will probably want a purple one. When Gellert visits next I’m going to tell him to buy Abe a purple coat for his birthday. And then he might call me his liebling again, because that makes me feel all excited and I get this funny feeling in my tummy, like I might throw up.

Sometimes I wish Mama still lived here, not wherever she is now. She’d tell me that purple was pretty and what a horo-thingy was, just like she told me about Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy. I miss her. I miss Daddy too. He’s a place with lots of interesting creatures, Abe says. I like animals. Daddy liked animals too, so he must like it where he is now.

I wonder if he ever gave Mama purple flowers.


Blue is pretty, because it’s the colour of the sky, but I like green better. Abe likes dark blue, which is yucky but he likes lots of silly things, like goats. He’s training them, but Gellert always makes funny comments, saying he’s doing more than that. It confuses me, but I laugh, ‘cause Gellert’s accent sounds funny when he says goat. I wonder what you can do with goats, other than milk them and train them. Gellert makes it sound like he’s doing bad things, but he’s just getting milk for us and teaching them to walk around. That’s silly. Gellert’s silly sometimes. I still want to marry him though, when I’m big and grown up.

I don’t get to see much sky. Mama used to make me go outside at night, but the sky was all yucky and black. I look out my window, because it’s a pretty blue in daytime, like my favourite nightgown. Once, I wore the nightgown downstairs while Gellert was here. Al looked at my chest and made me change. He looked flabbergasted. I think that’s a fun word. Al taught it to me from one of his big boring books about magic. Flabbergasted. Flabbergasted. Flabbergasted.

Books are boring. Blue is a Ravenclaw colour, and they read lots of books, like Al and Gellert do. Abe says they’re ‘nerdy,’ but I don’t know what that means.

. I think he and Gellert are spies, like the evil people in the fairytales Mama used to read me, but they aren’t evil. Gellert’s too pretty to be evil. He is pretty, even if boys can’t be pretty. They want to find a wand, but Al’s is on the table and Gellert’s is in his back pocket (Abe told me once that if you stick it there, your bum blows off, and I think that’s hilarious. Imagine if that happened to Gellert).

The other day, I asked Al if I could have a wand, and he told me I was dangerous enough without one. Silly Al. Wands aren’t dangerous. Only things like snakes are dangerous. I think that’s why Al and Abe don’t let me go outside …

But blue isn’t interesting, like red is. There’s not even funny smudges, but I still think it’s pretty. Maybe not everything has a pretty story. I don’t know. Al will know, ‘cause he knows everything. Or Gellert, I think he knows even more than Al, but I don’t say that ‘cause Al gets grumpy. He has a pretty story


There’s a photo of Mama and Daddy above our fireplace. Mama’s wearing this really pretty white dress and she has that funny smudge I was telling you about, and there’s water running down her face like when I accidentally drop my glass. Gellert says that it’s their wedding and that they love each other, that’s why they’re standing there. He uses a lot of big words I don’t understand. Al says Gellert thinks it’s a stupid tradition. He looked really sad when he said that. Must be some yucky grown up thing. I think wedding’s sound lovely.

When I get married, I want to marry Gellert. And I want a dress like Mama’s. Al says I can’t marry Gellert though. I told Gellert too, but he said I couldn’t because of my condition. I don’t know what that means. Abe says it’s a thing for big girls to know and that I’m still young, even if I know how to make my bed neatly now.

Gellert used the funny ‘rape’ word. He thinks that it happened to me, but I don’t know what it is. I don’t remember anything weird happening to me, and stuff can’t happen to you if you don’t remember it. That’s silly. He says rape like it’s a bad word, but I didn’t do anything wrong except yell at Al when the book he tried to read me was stupid and boring.

I don’t care what they say, I’m going to get married, and wear a pretty white dress like Mama.


Black is a yucky colour, and definitely not pretty. I see it lots, ‘cause Mama used to take me outside at night. I never go out now, because Al always has his head in a book and Abe doesn’t like me going out at all. He’s worried I’ll have to go to St Mungos. That sounds like a funny place. Abe says it’s a place for sick people, but he gets this look on his face when he says it, like he wants to cry. The weird thing is, I’m not sick. Sometimes the words get jumbled in my head and I can’t say them, but that happens to Al around Gellert, so it must be normal.

Mama went away a while ago, and we wore black. Abe and Al looked sick hen too, and Al cried, but he didn’t want anyone to know, so I couldn’t tell Abe. That’s silly. Al gives me chocolate ice-cream when I cry. So maybe Abe would have given him sweets. I didn’t like wearing black, ‘cause the dress Al gave me was all itchy, and I couldn’t scratch. Everyone was sad, and there was a big box with a cross on it. I wasn’t supposed to be there, because Al thought people would see me, but they took me to the funny place with all the rectangles on the ground anyway – Abe calls it a cem-cem-tary. Everyone had rain on their faces, even though it was sunny.

I wanted to give Al a big hug and say something nice, but the words got all jumbled in my head and wouldn’t come out. That happens a lot.

Black is the colour of sadness. It’s yucky. I don’t want to wear it ever again.



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