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Rating: G
Warnings: None
Claim: Ariana Dumbledore
Prompt: Colours: Yellow
Summary: Ariana doesn't like yellow much
Notes: Please comment, it would really brighten my day lol

Yellow is yucky, I think. Al likes it, but he has lots of silly grown up ideas. He thinks that green is evil. But yellow is too bright, it hurts my eyes. That’s because I don’t get to see the sun much, and it’s yellow. Abe says I shouldn’t go outside because I shouldn’t see the neighbours. They aren’t scary though, the lady is fat. That means she has lots of lollies and chocolate. I like lollies. Al eats lollies too, but his are yellow so they look and taste funny. He calls them lemon drops and he says that Muggles make them. Gellert’s smart because he doesn’t like them. He says Muggle stuff is crap. That’s a naughty word; Abe gets angry if I say it. I don’t know why I can’t say it but Gellert can, but I don’t think Abe likes him saying it either. He wants to punch Gellert, but Al always yells at him, I hear them after I go to bed. I don’t know why anyone would want to punch Gellert, I like him.


Gold is kind of like yellow. That’s why Albus likes it, because he’s in Gryffindor, and their colours are red and gold. Hufflepuff is yellow. I’m going to be Slytherin when I go to Hogwarts because they get green. And silver, which is prettier than gold. Albus always gets mad when I say that and glares at me. He still thinks Slytherins are evil, but he won’t tell me why. So I just tell him again that I’m going to Hogwarts and he gives me these sad little smiles. He tells me not to get my hopes up and that I will never be a Slytherin. Once I asked Abe if Al wants me to be a Gryffindor like him, but he said he didn’t know, and he wasn’t sure what Al thought.        


Gellert and Al are working something together, and they had a fight the other day, and then Abe got that funny red thing I told you about. They are looking for something called Hallows, and Abe says it’s just a stupid excuse to make some money and get back at people. When I asked who Al and Gellert wanted to get back at, he wouldn’t tell me. He doesn’t answer a lot of my questions at the moment. It’s stupid. I’m a big girl, and Abe says big girls should know the truth.


The truth is, yellow sucks.

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